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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Books of December and what not

December was a slow month for me, both reading and writing-wise. I only read 3 books *weeps* and I did NO writing *double weeps*. I'm planning to pick myself back up in January. It is, afterall, the month for having a gung ho attitude about everything, right? But until then, I didn't want to leave you with just 3 little book re-caps, so I thought that I'd share what else I did in December, which is not at all writerly related. Scrapbooking!!! Yes, I caught the bug for digital scrapbooking in December and spent a LOT of time making pages of our Disney trip this fall. It was fun. I figured out all those neat little tricks on photoshop,  learned how to make my own papers, downloaded a ton of stuff onto my computer (which is now so overloaded that it'll probably crash any day), and in the end I made a cute photobook for the kids for xmas. It still hasn't arrived, but the pages are all done and so I thought that I'd share a few of them after my book blurbs. So, what did you read in December? Or were you like me and totally slacked off? Share!

86. The Death Cure by James Dashner** The third installment of The Maze Runner series had a different sort of flare than the first two (pun intended). There were fewer crazy robots/killing machines and more of your general, run of the mill, end of the world sort of stuff going on. I still liked the ending, and I highly recommend it, but I guess I just wasn't as pumped and breathless as I was after similar types of series (Hunger Games for instance). I do plan to read the prequel when I get a chance.

87. Second Verse by Jennifer Walkup* This was my friend's book that I read in order to beta her sequel. It's due out sometime later this year, I believe, so I guess you could call it an ARC. It's got themes of reincarnation, ghosts, and a bit of a thriller/mystery. It's also got a great swoony male LI that I've been seriously crushing over the since I read it. I'll give more deets as the book comes out!

88. Laced In Malice by Riley Gray** Another book from a good writer friend. This one is out already and should most definitely be on everyone's reading list. I reviewed it just the other day HERE and plan to do a giveaway soon.

And now to impress you all with my mad photoshop skills.

The cover photo:

 We spent 2 days at Daytona Beach

The kids drinking butter beer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

And of course Disneyworld

Cinderella's Castle with my own little princess in the top corner


Tom Sawyer Island

Disney's Hollywood Studios

and Disney's animal Kingdom

another at Animal Kingdom

 We didn't do a whole lot at Epcot, but they really loved the ride, Soaring

 and I could add more, but I'm sure that I'm boring everyone now.
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