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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Pepsi challenge - and two thumbs up for Percy Jackson!

I find it very difficult to find the time to write - or even the energy to do so. With a full time job and three kids, by the time eight o'clock rolls around, I'm usually pooped. Wednesday evening I thought I had a solution. I had drank a can of Pepsi for dinner (unusual for me) and then I was still tired (exhausted actually) after doing the dishes and all so I took a short rest - 20 minutes. Low and behold, nine o'clock came and went and I wasn't a bit tired! I stayed up 'til almost 12:00 reveling in my second wind, getting a good portion of chapter 5 done. Was it the pop? The nap? I had to find out. So last night I downed a can of soda for dinner as well, and sadly, no go. I was practically begging the kids to turn in early, and I left the littlest one for dear old dad to deal with. So, now I'm thinking, hmmm...I'd better test the nap theory tonight. I'll let you know the result of my experiment, but I'm really hoping this whole thing wasn't just a fluke because I can get so much more writing done when I'm not dealing with the kids. I guess we'll see.

On another note- have you seen the new Percy Jackson movie? NO? WHY NOT?? Go! Get thee to a theater! Now! PJ has become my all new favorite series of kid books. I loved Harry Potter (who doesn't) and no, the writing isn't at the same level. But let's face it, any series that can get kids excited about the greek gods and learning how to pronounce things like drachmas and Hephaestus has to be good.
The whole concept of a kids' book based on the heroes created from the Gods' affairs with mortals is so simple that I wonder no one had thought of it before. I mean what could be more fun than finding out your dad is Poseidon and you can suddenly breathe under water or sail a ship just by the power of your mind? Not to mention the awesomeness of cutting off a few monster's heads now and then. While I really would recommend reading at least the first book before you see the movie, don't go into it expecting an exact portrayal of the story. The plot is very different, simpler if you will, but still great fun. Logan Lerman does a great job portraying Percy (and he's so gosh darn cute!). Some have said that they screwed up the casting of Annabeth with Alexandra Deddario, but I thought she did a great job.
The only criticism I have of the movie was how much they bumped
up the ages of the kids - they appear to be around 14-15 instead of 11, but that aside, the special effects were awesome. And I love it when Percy says, "but this is a pen!". Again, great story, great film, great fun. Go!


Karla Nellenbach said...

Hmm...Methinks it might have been the combo of the two. But go forth with your experiment, and then let the rest of us know!

Lesley said...

Einstein adapted Polyphasic sleep, he slept 20 minutes every 3 hours. So he was awake for longer and got more things done. Your experiment reminds me of that, except you're not doing it every 3 hours (lol). I think it will help, I'm anxious to see how it goes for you.
And I did see Percy Jackson. Wow what a movie! It makes me want to read the books, I have always loved Greek Mythology. And I have to point out, Poseidon was yummy haha!

Angie said...

Ah, well if it worked for Einstein... You know, i always used to laugh when they say that in other countries people take scheduled naps because it usually takes me that long just to fall asleep. Only i wasn't really sleeping the other day, just kind of resting, so maybe that's what made the difference. Or, maybe it was a combination. I'll definitely have to figure this out.

And by all means, if you love Greek Mythology then read the series. I thought Poseidon was hot too, even more so than Chiron. Pierce Brosnan as a horse just didn't do it for me.



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