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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A memo from adktd2bks

12:12 am

I am a bad writer and an even worse blogger. I should be revising, chopping, slashing, writing that damn query letter!! Or blogging! Instead here I sit, soaking in the aftermath of a book that has me rolling in writerly envy. The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie. What an astounding read. So witty, such characters, and the plotting!! Jaclyn Moriarty, I heart you. I double heart you. I triple heart you with Toblerone chocolate triangles on top!!

But I must go to bed now before my crazy kids wake me at the crack of dawn or I am caught in bed with my eyes open lost in


I shall retreat now, dear readers, but remember that I forever remain,


Melanie said...

adding to my list! thanks Angie :-)

Mirjam said...

I love that book too, it's amazing. I read every book of Jaclyn, except Dreaming Of Amelia. She's amazing!

Bee said...

That and Listen Taylor, are the only two Jaclyn Moriarty books I haven't read yet. I'm getting it now. NOW.

Angie said...

Bee - I have Listen Taylor sitting on my bedstand. It's one that I bought though, so I'm going to go through my library books first. I'm tempted to go out and by all the JM books that I read from the library.

Annie McElfresh said...

Get some sleep!! LOL



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