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Friday, August 5, 2011

Finish the Damn Series Month

Yes, I have officially declared August to be the Finish the Damn Series Month. :) I have way too many series that I am "almost" done with, but for some reason I keep putting off that last book. Not sure if it's because I don't want the series to end or because I'm so overwhelmed with newer books that sound more exciting  *pets shiny new books*. BUT, I have decided that this month I will make an extra effort to finish a few series that I have been putting off. Not every one mind you - that would take about 6 months - but a few. They are:

1. The Uglies series by Scot Westerfeld. When I first read Uglies I enjoyed it, but wasn't dying to read the second one. Well, I picked up the second one about six months later and actually liked it a whole lot better than the first. I bought #3 yesterday and I'll probably run over to HPB soon and get #4.

2. The Tomorrow Series by John Marsden. I have just two books left in this series about teens caught in a war in Australia. I think my reluctance to finish this series is because book 5 left with such a bang, I'm not sure if the last two can live up to it.

3. The Midnighter's Trilogy by Scot Westerfeld. Books 1 and 2 were easy middle grade reads and I enjoyed them while reading, but not enough to feel a great compulsion to run to my e-library for the third one. But, I only have one book to read here and it will be nice to finish another series of SW's.

4. The Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr. Gah, I really loved the first one in this series, but I've been trickling the others in here and there. I did start #4 awhile back, but it was a library loan and I didn't get very far before it expired. I have since bought it and have it on my nighstand. I can get #5 from the e-library (or maybe I'll buy it to complete my collection). It will be nice to finish this one off and MM has such lovely descriptions, I'm looking forward to it.

5. The Clan of the Cavebear series by Jean Auel. My lagging on this series has been 20 years in the making!! *gasp* I KNOW!! But it's not my fault as the last book (#6) was only published this past March. Ms. Auel takes a very long time to write her books. It's an adult series, but the first book could be considered young adult as we get to see Ayla grow up (and become a young woman) in that one. My plan is to buy all of the paperbacks again when #6 goes that route. I love the design of the new covers, and my old ones are falling apart I've read them so many times.

6. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. I'm adding this one in hopes that I get to it as well, but it'll be last on the list. I loved FHT, but wasn't quite as thrilled with the second one. I'm hoping that #3 is a nice conclusion to the series.

So, that's 9 books lined up for August as well as a few singles that I have checked out from the library/gotten from Netgalley/have sitting on my nightstand. That should keep me fairly busy. So what about you? Any series that you need to finish up? Care to join me on my quest to finish the damn series?


Jen said...

I'm all caught up at the moment...but sometimes, if I really love a series I will put off reading the last book just because I don't want it to end. It's the reading equivalent of putting my hands over my ears and going "la la la, can't hear you!"

Nomes said...

i love this idea :)

i have been spending my month so far rereading faves <3

the tomorrow series takes a little change in tone in the last two books. some new characters join the gang ... not as exciting action as #5, but still quite heartfelt. and, #7 is quite unputdownable O.o

there is then the spin off series called the ellie chronicles (which i am currently re-reading) it has been sufficiently long enough that i seem to have forgotten most of it, haha. even was shocked when some main characters died in the first chapter (didnt even remember it. weird)

i like carrie ryans books :)



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