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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Books of December

Aw, so I'm a little late recapping my reading list for December, but I do yearn for consistency with at least one blog feature so we shall proceed as planned and PRETEND that it's not January 7th. I didn't read quite so many books in December - I actually devoted some time to writing and research. Go me! Love to hear your thoughts on my December list.

129. Froi of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta** *dies just thinking about it* Review here. AWESOME!!
130. As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott This is the second book I've read recently by Elizabeth Scott where I've been left feeling unimpressed. I hear so many readers say that they love her writing, but I've had a hard time with her recent stuff. This one was just confusing as hell, and most of it was never really explained, ever. Honestly, a month after reading it, I'm not even sure if I could tell you what it was about.
131. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher* An entire prison that's ALIVE! Now that's a unique premise. I loved all the characters and the overall story, but I thought some of the visual details were very hard to grasp.
132. A Million Suns by Beth Revis ** LOVED IT!!! I plan to review this soon, but let's just say that I read most of the book in one evening, couldn't put it down!

133. Saving June by Hannah Harrington* Review here. Enjoyed it, but I kind of wished it had wowed me, and well, it didn't. Too much hype?
134. Minnesota 13 by Elaine Davis* (non-fiction, historical) This book is for research on my new WIP. Some hints - gangsters, the 1930s, an entire MN county engaged in bootlegging?  I'm not sure if anyone who isn't from MN would find this book as interesting as I did, but I hope to incorporate some of the history I learned and make it interesting. Yes, I do love a challenge.
135. Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. Oh so slow of a start. This book felt so disjointed. The first half focuses mainly on the MC finding friends and getting acquainted with her new school - barely any mention of The Ripper. Then the second half was all Ripper and the friends were completely ignored. With such a compelling subject, I expected so much more from this. Not high on my recommendation list.

136. Katana by Cole Gibsen* Interesting combination of reincarnation and Japanese Samurai. I'll be doing a TYAC review of this next week. Stay tuned!

137. The Gorgon in the Gully by Melina Marchetta* (lower middle grade) I bought this as a Christmas present for my 10 year old, but now I think it was maybe a little too young for him. I'll make sure that my younger son and daughter read it though. Very nice story of a boy finding courage to face his fears and making friends along the way. I got a little choked up at the end. And oh! If you've read Jellicoe Road you'll appreciate the little asides about Jonah Griggs. *big cheeky grin* :)

138. Song of the Sparrow by Lisa Ann Sandell* A lovely gift from a dear friend. It's a story based on the Arthurian Legends written in verse, which makes for a very nice combination. I read this all in one sitting and just loved it. Beautiful prose. Coming of age story set in the Middle Ages.  A bit of a love story (of course) that doesn't end how you would predict. A strong recommendation.


KO: The Insect Collector said...

Angie, so good to see your take on the marchetta books. I've shied away from her fantasy stuff b/c it's not my top genre, but you've convinced me. :)

Angie said...

KO - I don't read much fantasy either, but anything by MM is gold imho. :)

Bee said...

Interesting choice of books there, Angie.

Some of these are on my tbr shelf and some on my wishlist. Sad to hear you didn't enjoy Name of the Star. I'm really looking forward to that. That and Saving June.

Nomes said...

i am so glad you have been continuing with this :) i really love this feature and am hoping to join in myself this year (have started taking note about what i read ~ not too hard so far, have only read 2 books this year, how lame is that???)

i thought the name of the star was pretty boring for such a cool premise. barely made it through to the end :/

i know what you mean about saving june. but i was too swayed by jake, haha...

glad you loved song of the sparrow ~ and i really can't wait for the beth revis book

x Nomes



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