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Friday, June 4, 2010

Review - some girls are by courtney summers

Ok, why is that whenever the title is in small letters on the book I feel obligated to post it that way in the review? Makes no sense. *walks off shaking her head*

Onto the review:

Summary: Regina Afton is a member of the Fearsome Five, the hated clique that is both feared and revered at Hallowell High. But she's more than that. She's the best friend, and right hand woman, of the clique's leader, Anna (think of the Godfather's Luca Brasi and you get the picture). In short, she's a bitch. She doesn't like herself much, but it's a coveted position and being in the circle is a million times better than being out of it. Until the night of the party. After Anna's boyfriend, Donnie, attempts to rape her, Regina seeks advice from Kara, another member of the group - and finds herself betrayed. Kara tells Anna that Regina slept with Donnie and before Regina has a chance to explain, she finds herself frozen out of the clique. From then on, it's a blood-bath (sometimes literally) as Regina copes with banishment and faces her own true self.

Reader's crit: If you haven't read this book yet, get thee to a bookstore. NOW! OMG, Some Girls Are is so awesome, it really did make me do all those thing listed on my score sheet - yes even the hubby. :) I could not put this book down - I mean I sat in one spot and read and read from the first page until the very last. I haven't had a book grip me like that in quite a while. And it was gripping. The book was loaded with tension. The main character, Regina, isn't all that likable. I mean, she was cruel to people, hurt them, even drove them to the brink of suicide, and yet there I was crying for her situation. How did Summers do that? I mean we've all had an encounter with a bitch before and Regina's character is the type that puts other bitches in their place, and yet, I was bawling my eyes out. And not just at the ending - probably four or five times throughout the book. If a book can get me all teary eyed before I'm even a quarter of the way through, then it's got something special. On my reader's scale I give this a 5, though if I could, I'd knock it up to a 7 or 8.

Writer's score: I'm searching for something critical to say here.... searching.... still searching. Ah! I've got it. *Pause* Nope, sorry. There just isn't anything here that I can say needs work or that irritated me. Maybe the only thing I could say is that the tension never let up enough that I felt like I could put the book down to go get a snack or a cup of tea. And I do love my tea. I have heard people say that the ending was too abrupt, but I really didn't mind it. I think that Courtney Summers has now become my all-time favorite YA author (not counting JK Rowling or Rick Riordan - but those are middle grade). Really, I'm in love here. Score = 5.


Nomes said...

Oh - I love this review. And I agree - some girls are is just brilliance. The tension in it is quite extraordinary for contemp YA (I think). And Courtney has become a fave of mine too. I can't wait for her next book (whatever it is, I'll be buying it). I loved Cracked Up To be too, maybe more...?

in which a girl reads said...

Courtney Summers is a genius, isn't she? I really loved Cracked Up To Be. Some Girls Are is awesome & really doesn't fall into any sophomore slump category, tehe.

SGA book sort of delivers a punch to the gut. Y'know? <3 the dialogue <3 the voice <3 the TENSION. Yes, the tension. I couldn't put it down either :D

Ezmirelda said...

I’m giving you a blogger award because your blog’s one of the best that I’ve read. :)

mellymel said...

Thank you so much for the recommendation of this book. It is everything you said it was. It is on my list of favorites.



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