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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MIA - or that terrible little thing called life.

Yes, yes, I know it's been nearly three weeks since I've posted. And no, I haven't gotten cold feet. I've just been busy with other things: contemplating the future, taking care of kids, visiting parents and once in a while trying to get some writing done.

Some updates and you have my apologies that these are not all writing related:

1. The job interview: Last time I posted I mentioned a job interview I had with a professor here at the U of M , and I thank everyone who had wished me luck. It worked! Well, sort of. I met with the guy and his research is sooo interesting. To simplify it for you guys: he mutates proteins, expresses them in heart cells and then determines whether they make the heart function better after a heart attack. Very cool. His lab is one of the top 4 molecular cardiology labs in the country.  He seemed very positive about my qualifications and encouraged me to meet with his lab manager to see if I would fit into the lab. This, unfortunately is where things got a little iffy. See, this position would only be a temporary job for me, 2-3 years tops, and while the research is amazing and the people sounded cool, his lab manager reminded me that this position wouldn't give me the skills I want to land my next job in the biotech industry. So, after much hemming and hawing, I decided to tell him no thanks, that I'd have to look for something else that would fit closer to what I know about the biotech companies around here.

2. This leads me to update number 2. As I was doing the interview, I was reminded of how much I hate the idea of having to go back to work in the evening and weekends to finish things up, how little time I would get writing, and how I really feel sort of burned out on research. After thinking about it for awhile, I've decided to look into teaching instead. Teaching high school biology to be precise. Now if I had an English degree, this would be a no-brainer because it would fit perfectly with my desire to write. But I don't. I have a degree in genetics and cell biology, and I've been specialized in that area for so long that I worry somewhat that I'll have forgotten all the simple stuff. But, I'm still going to pursue it so far as to get some volunteer experience in the local high schools around here. I'm also a bit more motivated after the interview to do some job searching, so I've been doing that as well. Writing a new cover letter for each position takes up a lot more time than I thought.

3. Which leads me to update number 3. The book. Nikki's Wish is kind of stuck at the moment. I have a list of things that I need to do for revisions, but they're getting done at a snail's pace. I've been writing maybe half an hour to an hour at most each night, down from my typical 2-3 hours. And some of it has just been me staring at the screen or playing around with getting the wording right on that query letter. Do I have writer's block? Sort of. Thing is the story feels done in my head, but when I try to fix what's on paper to match, that's when things get ugly. I forget how I had planned the scene out and I can't find the right words to put into my character's mouths. It's just not flowing. At the same time, I have book 2 and 3 mapped out as well and it's so much more fun to think about those than the first. And if I were to write those out, I'd be back up to speed. BUT, I can't do that. I have to focus on getting the first one polished and out there. So, I'm stuck. It also doesn't help much to think that in the near future I won't have as much time to write what with trying to find a new job and possibly going back to school for a M. Ed. In all, it's leaving me pretty depressed.

And that brings me to my state of relief. Reading. I've read a number of good books lately: Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson (did I tell you she's my literary hero now?), and I finished the third book in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I recently started on Paranormalcy and loving it's humor. Let me share with you one little tidbit in there. There's a scene where Evie is talking about her friend a mermaid and how this girl thinks the mermaids wearing seashells for bras in The Little Mermaid is so funny. Why? Because fish don't have boobs - they're not mammals! Totally cracked me up, and it's so true.

Anywho, that's the whereabouts of adktd2bks lately. I was surprised to see that in my absence I actually got a new follower! I'm giving a shout out to Susanne Winnacker (blog here). She's got a YA dystopian that will be out in 2012. It sounds awesome, so go have a look-see.

Thanks all for listening to me ramble. I'd love to hear what you've been doing lately as well, so drop a comment in the little boxy thing. :)


Krista Ashe said...

Good luck on the new job!!!

Joann Swanson said...

Missed you, Angie! And, wow, life sure is opening up some new paths for you, all twisty and windy and unknown. Those can be scary ((hugs)). Sounds like the options you're considering are very exciting.

I ran into the same brick wall with TIN LILY. I finally had to walk away and work on something else for quite awhile (it took five months to revise after I sent out initial query letters). By then I wasn't sick of reading the same words over and over again and could approach it with semi-fresh eyes. Getting excited about a new project fed the creative energy I needed to finish revisions. Good luck! Nikki's Wish is well worth the effort.

Take good care!

Melanie said...

I agree with Joann...well worth the effort. You have a fantastic story and you tell it incredibly well. Maybe taking a long step back is what you need? Work on your other projects? Glad to hear you're getting lots of reading done in the meantime. That's always a good thing.

I have to admit I got really excited when I saw you FINALLY posted on your blog today. I've missed reading your blog. :-)

Big hugs and besitos chica :-)

Nomes said...

ahh, awesome update. glad to hear you are going as well (and as busy) as always.

I am in awe that you have planned #2 and #3 of Nikki's Wish! That's brilliant! There's no rush with NW but it must be very oh-so-nearly ready to go out? yeah? it was so good when i read it!

also, glad to see you've had some time for reading. LHA is really brilliant!


KO said...

wow- what a busy time! But it sounds like you're doing well, and that all these ups and downs have put you closer to where you really want to be. That's awesome.

Angie said...

Thanks KO!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I haven't been around much lately either, but I had to comment that how you are feeling right now about Nikki's Wish, is exactly how I've been feeling lately about Heir. I'm finally off the procrastination train and I think I've gotten things where I want them. But as all writers know (and as people who have never written don't seem to understand), even fixing "little" things in your book take hours and hours. What if you make a change and then it affects multiple other sections of the book? What if you just can't decide which word will be better? Or when you do change a word, come to find out you just used it the page before adn it sounds terrible. Anyway, you get the idea. Good luck!! I'm with you all the way.



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