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Friday, November 19, 2010

I need to have my head examined.

So it happened. Never thought it would, but it happened. The hubby has agreed to get a cat!!

Here was the conversation (via email):

me: Blah, blah, blah (it was about what to get the kids for christmas, we'd initially agreed not to go overboard on presents, but I got to internet window shopping, and you know how that goes).

OR we could get a kitten!!

the hub: I wasn't really planning not to get them anything.. just more well thought out stuff.. quality instead of quantity.

me: Kittens are high quality presents. :)

the hub: I guess we can discuss.  Need to figure out the logistics first...

Later that night:

the hub: so you want to get a cat?

me: eyes wide open, speechless and nodding.

the hub: well, first you have to figure out who's going to take care of it cuz you know how the kids are.

me:  (Instantly) I will.

the hub: okay, where are you going to put the litterbox? Our house is pretty small you know.

me: ????
Five minutes of dead silence follows as Angie tries to figure out where to put the litterbox.

me: Well, I'll figure it out and let you know.

Yep, I've lost my head. I've wanted a cat for soooo long, and with the hub always saying no, I was getting kind of mad, like I'm 36 frickin' years old. If I want a cat, then I'm going to get a cat!! BUT he has a good point. Where would we put the stupid litterbox? Not the kitchen - no space, and ew.. Not the dining room. Same reason. Not the bathroom - our bathroom is so small you can't have two people in there without tripping over each other. Not the kids' closets because although they're full of junk right now, they'll eventually be used for clothes and I don't want Carissa to be upset in 8 years when her clothes closet smells like TidyCat. Not the front hall closet, you can barely open it now. And... not the basement because our basement door is right when you come into the house (about two feet from the back door) and it can't be left open because it's too dangerous. So that leaves what???? Then I look around our house and see the tons and tons and tons of paper strewn across the dining room table and the toys everywhere and the mountains of socks thrown all over the floor (what is it with boys and throwing socks??). And... now I'm starting to see why the hub doesn't want another pet. I'm beginning to wonder if it was just the idea that he wouldn't agree to it that was driving the need because now that he's finally said yes (or maybe), I'm not as excited as I was. What gives?

I'm up for ideas on where to put a litterbox if anyone has them. Or tips on how to keep the house clean because I'm getting rather tired of it. Every weekend is the same thing - clean clean clean. And by Monday evening it's a huge mess again. I don't know how my mother did it. Then again she didn't work and she LOVED cleaning. Me? NOT!!

I promise I'll post on something actually writing related next time. I did have a post going, but I need to think it out some more, and babbling is my specialty. Have a good weekend everyone!!


Karla Nellenbach said...

You could always put the litterbox in the basement and install one of those small cat doors in the basement door. That's what my parents have at their house, (because they have three big dogs that think the cat box is where the good chocolate is if you know what i mean) Hope that helps :)

Angie said...

Hmm...that's something to think about although I can already imagine what my husband would say about cutting a hole in the door (or changing it). And I have a three year old who would think it's a great thing to play with - pushing toys through it, etc. Thanks for the suggestion though. I'll think about it.

E.J. Wesley said...

Naming contest! I vote for Crookshanks or Mrs. Norris!

It is Harry Potter day, after all ... :)

KO said...

We just got a kitten over the summer, after not having one for a long time. We do have two boys, two dogs, and approximately four fish. Why not add a kitten into the mix?

We have an upstairs bathroom that because of plumbing challenges is not heavily used. But, honestly, it doesn't matter where you put the litterbox-- that smell is always there. It's sort of just part and parcel of the cat thing. Could you do it in any hallway? A quiet corner?

I can warn that our cat came with fleas and has set off a household epidemic (among the pets). The vet says it's a "bad year" for fleas, which doesn't help.

He is great with the kids, and they adore him. Our vet said we should let them handle the kitten as much as possible, and he's so gentle and sweet because of it.

This is too long, sorry! Good luck as you work to figure this out. And I have NO advice for cleaning. My house is gross.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

The cat flap in the basement door was going to be my suggestion, also. Cats do prefer a lower-traffic area, so a hallway or whatever might not work.

You might try to find an older kitten, like about 5 months, because their personalities are developed by then. You'd have a better idea if the cat is easy-going, and adaptable to kids.

Joann Swanson said...

OMG, Angie, I'm as excited about the prospect of you getting a cat as I would be picking out another one myself! lol

Here are some tips I've learned over the years (if you do end up adopting a fur baby): if you can afford it, Swheat litter is the best on the market. It's an all-natural wheat product with no dust and it keeps the smell down better than any litter I've ever tried. When people come to our house, they can't tell we have a cat (and we have 3!). It's pricey at about $22-$25 for a 40lb bag (with one cat this would last you months).

Is the laundry room an option for a litter box? It's where I keep ours (I have two giant covered ones). If you don't like an open or even a covered pan they sell all sorts of pretty furniture to house the tray. Here for instance:

KO mentioned fleas. They're only a problem if kitty is allowed to go outside. Ours are all indoor-only babies and they're as happy as cats can be.

Man, I hear ya on the cleaning issue. It's just me and hubby, but I can't seem to find enough time to keep up with just us. I can't imagine with three kids!

Ok - that's plenty long. I hope you decide to adopt! There are so many who need homes.

Angie said...

Thanks for all the suggestions guys!! Crookshanks? Actually I was thinking of Tonks. :) I just really like that name and she was so cool with the hair thing. But, it'll probably be a naming war between the kids. Ethan will choose Percy, I know. :)

Our laundry room is in the basement, but if it weren't that would be ideal. So I've been thinking about this for the past hour and my idea right now is to clean out the closet in the front hall. It has an accordian style door so I could leave it about half a foot open and right now it just has coats and LOTS of shoes in it. But I could put the shoes somewhere else, leaving the bottom empty. Later when the kids get older I could maybe talk the hub into doing a kitty door for the basement. IF the hub goes for that, then that's the plan. I'm not too worried about fleas because it'll be an indoor cat, and we'll probably look both at the local shelter and the pet stores. I have no preference as long as the cat isn't too old and set in its ways. And thanks Joann for the recommendation on the kitty litter!

Angie said...

Hey, I'm actually getting psyched about this again. :)

Melanie said...

If you get a cat, I say go for the basement thing. Sounds like the best solution. I know you've really wanted one for a while now.

Have you decided what you want to do yet?

Angie said...

So I spent all of last night cleaning out the closets and Sze Jee caught on to what I was doing. And he was okay with it!! So, I'm going to put the litter box in the closet in the front for now. When the kids get older I'll move it to the basement. First need to keep cleaning though - I'm throwing out all kinds of stuff and packing up more sh** to throw away. Feels good to have some of the mess gone.



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