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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Would you rather???

The Would You Rather segment on my radio station this morning was really kind of dumb - would you rather have birds follow you around, dive bombing you all day (including excrement), pecking at your hair, OR would you rather get a full body bird tattoo that you could never remove? Not sure what the whole bird thing was with the morning crew, and I'm not sure if I even WANT to know. But I have a much better, writerly Would You Rather for you today:

Would You Rather:

1. Increase your reading speed about 3 times so that you could read more books, more often, while still enjoying the leisurely "feel" of reading at a normal pace?


2. Would you rather have a machine that would automatically type every word that pops into your head. So in other words, you could dictate your novel to the computer without having to touch a single key?

I honestly have no idea how to choose this one. My writerly gut tells me to go for number 2, but with my book addiction I could just as easily take number 1. What about you? Which would you rather have?


Cheyanne said...

I'd say number one. My TBR pile is always a million times bigger than my To-write pile. Plus I think the more I read, the better my writing will be in the long run.

And I'd take the bird tattoo if it could be in invisible ink ;)

Amy Joy said...

I have to agree with Cheyanne, for the same reasons. But also, I like the feel of the keys beneath my fingers. Something about tapping out my thoughts makes me happy. :)

Angie said...

Great answers, guys!!

Anonymous said...

I'd pick number 1. I wouldn't trust the random ramblings of my brain. I need to sit down and do some hard thinking. I'm a fast typist, anyway. And I have so many untouched books to get through.

kate.o.d said...

i would choose #2. i think. for while it's upsetting that there are so many books i won't be able to read in my lifetime, i'm feeling really under the pump and as though there are just TOO MANY BOOKS and i really just want to go and reread anne of green gables for the 200th time.

and i'd get the tattoo.



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