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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Character Interview with Lark Greene

Addicts! I have a treat for you today. My very first character interview! Say hello to Lark Greene from the world of Larkstorm, Dawn Rae Miller's debut YA novel.

*loves hearing all the shouts and cheers*

Settle down, folks, settle down.

Lark comes to us from what used to be the state of California where she's a very dedicated student, with a promising future as a Stateswoman and an even more promising future with her betrothed, the very handsome and affable, Beck Channing. Which brings me to my first question:

Lark, most of us here in the twenty-first century are not that keen on the idea of arranged marriages, yet you seem to be most enthusiastic about it. Tell us, are all young women in your world this happy with their arrangements or do you think you just got the luck of the draw?

Lark: So we should run around picking whomever we want with no knowledge of their background? How odd.

I suppose some girls are unhappy, but it’s only because they haven’t followed the rules and allowed themselves to become attached to a boy they’re not bound to. But to answer your last question, being paired with Beck has nothing to do with luck. The State studied our ancestry and knows we’re each others best mate.

Wow, intriguing answer! And along those lines, I understand that you and Beck have been keeping pretty cozy quarters for the past few years - as roomies! Certainly that makes for some interesting situations. Do you have any stories you'd like to tell us?

Lark: When we were younger, I tacked a sheet down the center of the room and Beck wasn’t allowed to cross into my zone. One day, I had an argument with Kyra and felt miserable. As I sat on my bed, I noticed strange shadows on the curtain - Beck was putting on a shadow puppet show for me complete with sound effects. I love that about him – he knows just how to cheer me up.

Ah, that's so sweet. I was hoping for some juicy details to chomp on, but now you've got me dabbing my eyes. And dusting some snow off as well? *eyes the flakes of snow questioningly while Lark tries to hide the sadness on her face* Well, um... maybe we should turn to a more serious question. Lark, future society has become extremely structured as a result of the Long Winter and the State's desire to protect its citizens from Sensitives, can you give us your thoughts from a teenager's perspective on the good and bad of living in your time?

Lark: I like that everyone knows his or her place. It makes things easier. Sometimes, I wish I could be alone more – I don’t have much privacy – but in general, it’s great living with a group of friends. Sure we fight, but I know they’ll always be here for me.

The bad would have to be not knowing my family. As you read, lack of that knowledge caused me a lot of... problems.

Yes, it did indeed. *shivers as a gust of wind picks up* Without telling us too much about that very upsetting time in your life, can you give us your thoughts about good and evil? Are people born one way or does everyone have the capacity to change?

I…I don’t know. I want to believe we can change, that we don’t have to be one way. But I just don’t know.
I’m sorry. This question is too upsetting for me.

*Hollers over the wind and blinding ice storm*
M-maybe we should move on to something else then? 
*Lark nods and the snow tapers off to a flurry*

Whew! Okay, so let's do a quick run-down on future trends.
Most popular drink?
Tapioca drinks. At least until you’re a Statesperson – they love champagne.
Sports teams?
Lacrosse is our most popular sport. It’s been around for hundreds of years, but I don’t think it was as popular in your time as it is in ours.
Favorite slang word or expression?
Deso. It derives from “desolate.”
Popular dance?
We’re trained in formal dancing from a young age. We definitely don’t jump around with arms flailing like your people do.
And lastly, I have to ask -- Uggs or heels?
Is this really a question? Who in their right mind would wear something as hideous as Uggs when they can wear heels and look proper?

Haha, well I'm glad to see Lark has gotten her spirit back. And for the record, Uggs may be hideous, but I think we all need them with Lark around!

Thanks for stopping by, Lark.

*waves goodbye before sending the son out with the snow shovel*

If Lark sounds like an interesting character to you, then go check her out in Larkstorm, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords for 4.99.
And there's one more day to enter my contest for a free copy!!. 
Other additional contests for Larkstorm here and here.
Also check out the book trailer:


J.S. Wood said...

This is made of awesome!!! I love it!

Melanie said...

what a brilliant concept! I loved this! And, I seriously won't be able to wait for the hardcopy book to come out so it looks like I will be DLing to my iPad. And then of course I will be buying the hardcopy when it comes out, so it will be a double purchase. Oh wells. :D

Kate said...

Very cool! I need to take lessons on how to walk in heels from Lark.

Debra Driza said...

OMG that was pure Lark! *hides Uggs*

LOVE IT, ladies! :D

Erin Brambilla said...

I wonder how Lark feels about ballet flats. Because. I love mine. And I refuse to take them off.

Awesome interview!

DawnRaeMiller said...

Erin - Lark says, "Ballet flats are fine, I guess. Kyra's always trying to get me to wear them, but I'm so short. Besides, I'm not twelve anymore."

Rachael Allen said...

This interview was so freakin cute! And Mel, I'm about to do the same thing because I just can't wait.



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