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Monday, December 12, 2011

What would you give your favorite characters???

I saw this question on Between The Lines the other day and thought it was such a fun idea that I'd give it a try.

So here goes, some of my favorite books, my favorite characters and what they can expect in their stockings this year.

1. Tiny from Will Grayson, Will Grayson will definitely be getting a pair of tights. I hope he uses them during a production of The Nutcracker where I would expect him to be one of the sugar plum fairies, but I guess we'll see.

2. Carly from Kirsty Eager's Raw Blue is a special girl who touched my heart. I'd give her a bracelet made of sea glass so that she could look at it and never forget the healing powers of the ocean.

3. Etienne and Anna from Anna and The French Kiss are probably the YA couple of the year and as such deserve to be commemorated by another classic couple - Minnie and Mickey! At the Eiffel Tower of course. :)

4. Ellie from John Marsden's Tomorrow series needs her teddy back (I think it was a teddy, Nomes will correct me if I'm wrong), or as close to a replica as I can muster. I don't know exactly where I'll find one, but I will certainly try.

5. Angus from Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging needs a kitty laser light to work off some of his energy - his furry feline libido seems to cause too much trouble.

6. I don't normally advocate for strippers, but Cas from Anna Dressed in Blood needs a lap dance to remind him what a real girl is. Dude, falling in love with a ghost is just... non-productive.

7. For all the girls of Beauty Queens I would fill your stockings with laser hair removal coupons so you would never have to worry about unsightly leg and underarm hair. I know that was a NIGHTMARE for you.

8. Tom Leveen's Zero gets a very expensive art set - paints, brushes, pencils, canvases, everything her art loving soul can imagine. Hey, this is my fantasy Christmas. It can be expensive if I want. :)

9. To Melody from Megan McCafferty's Bumped, I give you Couvade syndrome (sympathetic pregnancy symptoms) with the hope that it will give you some idea of what it's like to be preggers.  Boo-yah!

10. Finally, I have one present left to give and it's for the character of my favorite book which I had the pleasure to re-read this year. That book is Jellicoe Road and that girl is Taylor. I love Taylor's story. I think I went through  a whole box of tissues reading this book again. My present for Taylor is a locket where she can keep a picture of her mother close to her heart (hope that wasn't too spoilery).

What about you? What would you get your favorite characters? Would love to hear your ideas!!


Melanie said...

omg, what an AWESOME ASS POST! Really, Angie. So clever! I will have to think about this and come back cause man, this was so well thought out and I don't want to sound lame. lol. the mickey and minnie eiffel tower made me laugh and the glass bracelet for tearing eyes. awesome.

Chanelle said...

Haha this was cute! I esp loved your present to Cas, because IKR! He def needs a real woman in his life.

Cass (Words on Paper) said...

This is great! Definitely a fun idea. I would barely know where to begin - amazing, accurate list. ;)

Nomes said...

oh i LOVE this post. my fave gifts are the present for Carly

and also thinking of Ellie and her teddy ;)

xx Nomes



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