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Friday, July 9, 2010

ah dear, procrastination

Yes, I should be working. Yes, I should be writing. But I'm not. I'm...da da dum...PROCRASTINATING!!!
The distraction this time? Sadly, enough my blog. I want to make it sparkle and shine, and while I do love the butterfly above, those block letters are giving me the willies. So I've been looking around at pictures from photo websites that Nomes directed me to (thanks nomes). And I found one that I really like, well a lot that I really like actually. But I don't know if I want to do a whole collage of pictures or just one. I was thinking maybe I could photoshop this one and somehow get butterflies to come dancing out of the book and then add some swirly script to use as a title banner. Thoughts?

And then what of the title - Daydream Believer really is what I am, but then I was thinking maybe I should go with the Addicted to Books thing, make it match my AW name. Any votes for that?

Also, this background color - I like the black but some things are hidden in it - like my number of followers, and some of the letters are misshapen - don't know why. I'm thinking of going back to white.

And my other ideas - to put a bit of a MN theme to it, this is the state flower, mentioned in my WIP, Nikki's wish. The pink showy ladyslipper.  My dad has these growing in his backyard.

And finally, I'd really like to find a format that shows a number of different posts at once, kind of newspaper style, but I'm not sure where to find it or maybe I can make it up on my own - I'm not that blogger proficient so an easy template would be better.

And just for listening to me babble, I'll give you one more picture that I really loved. Enjoy!

P.S. Please leave your opinions on what I should do to make this blog better!!

P.S.S. If you have any links to cool picture sites let me know!

P.S.S. Nomes is holding a crushing on Jaclyn Moriarty contest on her blog. I haven't read any of hers yet, though I have one coming. Go! Enter! You've been told! My job is done. 


Nomes (inkcrush) said...

I like what you have done so far :)

You could add some pages to the top of your blog - just go to your layout section to do that... Not sure what you could put in your pages, but they look cool :)

I love the top picture in this post! no idea what to call your bog - I spent ages putting in about ten different names for my blog into my blogger address and all were taken. I wish I had more consistency with my AW name and my blog though... (although, no idea why I chose to call myself drummergirl, haha)

Angie said...

I think I'm going to make a collage along the top of cool pictures involving books - found a few besides the one at top. And thanks for the tip about adding the pages - I didn't realize they had that feature - haven't looked at all the gadgets in a while.

mellymel said...

I really loved the butterfly, but this new one seems very you :-) I really love the picture with the heart shaped light in the book. So precious. I don't know how to do ANY of this stuff (photoshop? what's that? I mean, not really, but I have no idea how to use it. Yes, I'm that bad). That is why I still don't have a blog. I don't want to put something lame together, but at this rate I'll never have one. Sigh.

Joann Swanson said...

I'm liking the new look! Your font is bigger and that's so nice for those of us with slightly older eyes. :) The best free image site I've come across is I work for a nonprofit and have to find all my art free. This site is fantastic. Have fun!



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