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Friday, April 8, 2011

Meet our new family member!!

Things we know about her:
She's 10 months old
She already had kittens - poor thing!
She DOESN'T like cars - she escaped her box on the way home and spent the rest of the time curled in my lap growling. 
She LOVES her scratching post - and I'm crossing my fingers that continues.
She doesn't have a name yet. Carissa suggested 1. Precious 2. Love Kitty 3. Sallie
Ethan has vetoed Buffy, but I think a cat this little (6 lbs) needs a tough name.I'll keep you posted.


Sage said...

Tough name? You could call her Katniss ;)

Melanie said...

haha...I like Sage's suggestion!

Congrats, Angie! I can't believe you finally did it!!!! Enjoy! And I look forward to some funny future shots of She Who Has Not Yet Been Named (how's that for a name? Too long? Yeah. Probably. :-))

Angie said...

Haha, that's funny Mel. I suggest Katniss to Ethan and he looked me like, wth is that supposed to mean? Yeah, he doesn't know about The Hunger Games yet.

J.S. Wood said...

So precious!! Congrats

Joann Swanson said...

She's adorable!! Xena? :-)

Krista Ashe said...

So very, very cute. She kinda remins me of my I could suggest Sassy for you! LOl

Heather Dougherty said...

Oh my gosh - how cute!!

I love Katniss. :)

Angie said...

Thanks to all who posted suggestions. I loved them all, but my kids had no idea who Katniss or Zena was, though I would have picked one of those two. Speaking of which, I should really see if Netflix has all those old Zena/Hercules shows. I used to love them. :)

Kitty's new name is Piper. There's a character in Rick Riordan's new Heroes of Olympus series who's name is Piper. She's the daughter of Aphrodite and has the power of charmspeak - very fitting for this kitty! Then of course there's Piper from The Charmed series. Anyway, it met with approval from the judges, so we're all happy. Thanks again for your suggestions!!

Robin said...

Hi Angie,

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