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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Would You Rather??

My local radio station does a little segment once in a while called Would You Rather? Today's was kind of interesting so I pose the question to you:

Would you rather:
1. Live in a glass house, in the middle of somewhere really exposed (like the Mall of America) where everyone can see EVERYTHING that you do? You would still have internet, tv, phone, etc. but you can't leave.


2. Would you rather live in a cabin out in Montana with no phone, no internet, no tv, just you, the cabin and nature. Also think, no take out, pizza, etc. Everything you cook would have to be done by hand, aka Walden-style.

For the purposes of this blog, you're allowed to have/bring as many books as you want. :) You MUST choose one or the other.

Me, I could live without all the gadgets of modern day, as long as I had my books, but having someone watch everything I do would drive me nuts!! I'd pick #2.

Please leave your choice. I'd love to hear what you think!!


Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

omg, what a great question. geeze, i don't think i'd want to live in a glass house in Mall of America! I've actually been there! Way too big. Too many people. I love the second choice much better. I think I could survive that, though I don't think I could do it for the rest of my life. And, i don't think i could live without my laptop. Not for internet so much as for my writing. I get terrible hand cramps when I try to write by hand. I cannot imagine not writing and I certainly cannot imagine writing entire novels with paper and pen. Damn. this is a a really, really hard one!

Ellen said...

I have too much of an addiction to the internets. much as I'd hate the glass house in MoA, I'd take that and my internets and crappy delivery food over the cabin in the woods...
... which makes me wonder if my priorities are straight, haha. but I need the comp to write, and I need the ability to google random things like the date and location the Civil War ended in order to write! so... I'd need internets... :/

Nomes said...

definitely the little hut thingy.

very cool game.

in an Aussie YA book the two main teenage chacrters plays this game a lot.

I laughed out loud at this one in the book (warning: two teenage boys)

would you rather ~

have to wear a hat of live spiders

OR have penis's for fingers?

hahaha. classic. (i'd go the spiders. the finger one would just be too... argh...)

Angie said...

Nomes - haha..I'd go for the spiders too. :)

Ellen - yeah, I'd probably be in sore shape without a computer to type into, but I think that I'd manage. Though for research... hmm, guess I'd have to stock up on library books before I hit the trail. :)

So here's the funny thing, the thing which prompted this question is that there is a guy actually living in a glass apartment at the MoA. He's staying there for a month and it has something to do with a challenge to lose weight. Which is where the picture from above came from. Even if it were a month, I still couldn't do it. Having strangers watch you all the time?? Blech!



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