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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Real life guy things that will kill a crush worthy character

Giving your characters flaws is a good thing. It makes them more into people than fictional players in our imaginations, but some of us go too far. When trying to build a character that people (girls) will fall in love with, keep these real life guy things confined to real life.

* these are only my opinion, YMMV.

1. Nose picking or nose hair picking.
2. Al bundy impression - I don't care how cold he says his hand is, they make pockets for a reason.
3. Turning your guy into a poster boy for feminism - e.g. making him by tampons. seen it!
4. Showing him pulling the hoody up on his little buddy - we don't need it to be that realistic. seen it in adult lit
5. wiping his mouth with the bottom of his t-shirt
6. buying your main character flowers and bragging about what a good deal he got
7. spitting anywhere  *shivers*
8. drinking directly out of the milk/orange juice carton seen it!
9. letting your guy 'pick' from your mc's plate without asking seen it!
10. obnoxious chomping on chips or other snack food seen it!
11. cussing in front of little kids or senior citizens
12. wearing baggy pants that sit half way down the butt seen it!
13. If he notices that your mc is in a bad mood and automatically attributes it to PMS.
14. taking his gum out right before he kisses your mc. seen it!
15. laying on mc's bed with dirty/muddy shoes or any shoes for that matter. seen it!
16. farmer tan
17. constantly wearing a baseball cap and having permanent hair damage from it seen it!
18. complaining about the price of anything
19. shifting the nuts
20. the proverbial leaves the toilet seat up. I haven't seen this one, though I'm sure that someone out there would think that it'd be the perfect 'guy' thing to make their ms more authentic.

Suddenly I feel like I'm male bashing. Oh, all right, I'll post one for female crushes tomorrow.
If you can think of any that need to be added, let me know. :)


Sage said...

Some of these wouldn't bother me so much, but anything crude related to male genitalia usually will turn me off from a character before you can say "nuts."

F.I.C said...

*makes notes*
You do make a good point. And I have to say my fiance refrained from all these activities when we were just dating (okay so I maybe sent him for tampons once) and even now picking his nose is the only thing he does. Which I guess goes to show that these things aren't needed for a guy to be guyish.

Joann Swanson said...

Agree 100% with every one of these. Great post!

mummazappa said...

great post - can't wait to see what you say about us ladies!

KO said...

Agree also-- these may be characteristics that make some real guys "guys", but you are SO RIGHT to say it's not what makes us fall for them.

Melanie said...

Funny post Agnie. Look forward to the one about girls. I might have a couple to add if you don't think of them :-)

How about digging a finger in the ear and examining it for ear wax? They make Q-tips for a reason!

Angie said...

Haha - good one Mel. btw - love your pic of you and hubby. :)

Melanie said...

:-) Thanks. And it's actually current. Just taken last weekend! Woohoo for having to go to a wedding and dressing up and wearing make up and actually adult for a whole 5 hours.

Nomes said...

I have a feeling I've read the #3 one in a book somewhere! But now I cant think which book?

And, a lot of males drink straight out of cartons :)

Angie said...

It was in Undone, which I know you read. I was going, really??

Nomes said...

Oh - yeah. Undone! It kept niggling at my mind but I couldn't place the book :) Thanks for that!

Jen said...

This post was hilarious!!! Making notes now *scribbles in notebook* never know when I might accidentally go to far.

I love that you added it seems like male bashing... just the way of the world I suppose :)



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