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Saturday, August 21, 2010



So, I did it. I finished with this round of revisions. I've sent it off to betas, and I'm glad to get it out of my hands for awhile. I know that I'm not DONE done, but it's getting pretty darn close now. The next three weeks will be vacation time for me - doing beta reads, reading books, researching agents and just general goofing off. And, I want you to join me for a contest!

First prize: A book of your choice from The Book Depository and a 50 page LBL critique from moi. Okay so I'm not published, but I think that I do tend to give pretty good feedback. Unless your work is already publication ready and in that case, I might be begging you for one. :)

Second prize: A book of your choice from The Book Depository.

Ways you can earn more entries:
+1 new follower
+2 old follower
+5 for blogging about the contest
+2 for adding a link on your sidebar
+5 for doing a Six degreess of Kevin Bacon for me.

What is Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, I'm sure you've all heard of this game where you can link any actress or actor to Kevin Bacon within six steps. For example: Julie Andrews was in The Princess Diaries 2 with Chris Pine who was in Beyond All Boundaries with Kevin Bacon. So all I'm asking is that you come up with one! Now this is pretty easy - there are even websites devoted to this, but see if you can do it without a cheat sheet. Why am I making you do this? Well, it took me over an hour to figure out how to make this form and post this entry and all, so I figure it's only fair to make you work too! And I'm sadistic. And I thought of this while I was making the form and I don't feel like going back to change it. And I have no other way to give you points, so this seemed creative. AND reading Joann's blog reminded me how much I loved the movie Flatliners which starred, guess who? Kevin Bacon. Ok, I'm done rambling now. :)

To enter: you must fill out this  FORM.

Contest is international and ends when I get back from vacation so we'll say that's three weeks from now, September 10th.


Nomes said...

yay for finishing revisions! and for a mini holiday break thingy!

i love this contest. very cool.

and I thought the kevin Bacon thing sounded hard - but I arrived @ my actor pick in three degrees - which surprised me :)

I picked Heath Ledger b/c he's Australian and i love his movies. Here's the 3 degrees of separation (probably could be done in less, but I also snuck another fave aussie in there):

Heath Ledger in Two Hands ~ with Rose Byrne who's in Troy ~ with Brad Pitt who's in Sleepers ~ with KEVIN BACON!

Melanie said...

Fun Contest!

Milla jovivch with Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element
who's with Samuel Jackson in Die Hard 3
who's with Diane Lane in Jumpers who's with George Clooney in The Perfect Storm
who's with Julia Roberts in Oceans 11
Who's in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon


How's that? Man that was kind of hard for me as I'm really bad with remembering names and who's in what!

Melanie said...

I started with Milla Jovivch because I just watched The Fourth Kind last night so she was on my mind. I friggin' love that girl :=)

Joann Swanson said...

Hehehehe...awesome contest, Angie. Glad my Baconater comment helped you think of it. :)

Nomes said...

hey Angie - went to fill out the form and realised there's no spot to put my actual name in :) just a tick for a point :)


Angie said...

ugh! Thanks for telling me. I didn't even notice that. I'll try to fix it. You can go ahead and fill it out - I know what your email address is so I'll know it's you.

Angie said...

Cool, I think that it worked without me having to repost the form. Let me know if you see it now.

Jennie Bailey said...

Congrats on finishing your revision! I'm just about to start mine!

THIS IS SUCH A GREAT CONTEST! My breath caught in my chest when I saw the awesome books you are giving away!

Filling out the form now and hoping it works (I've had bad luck with form submitting - I think it's my computer). I'm excited to do the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon!

KO said...

Great contest-- new follower (+1)
+5 for blogging about the contest
+2 for a sidebar link
+5 for a 6 deg of KB.

At my old job we used to do 6DKB for fun. My favorite link was Gary Coleman to Kevin Bacon.

Gary Coleman was on Diff'rent Strokes with Dixie Carter.

Dixie Carter was on the show Designing Women with Annie Potts.

Annie Potts was in Pretty in Pink with Andrew McCarthy.

Andrew McCarthy was in St Elmos Fire with Demi Moore, and (drum roll)

Demi Moore was in A few Good Men with Kevin Bacon.

Come check out the contest at my blog.
Thanks for this fun time!

Angie said...

Fantastic posts so far guys! having fun reading all the 6DKB. And I think that I got all the kinks out of the form. If you forgot to add your points for the KB on the form, I did it for you cuz I realized that I forgot to add a clicky box for that. But it's taken care of now!!
Good luck to everyone!

Bee said...

Oh - I wish I could enter! But book depository doesn't ship to my country :(

Angie said...

What? *headbang* Enter anyway, Bee. If your name gets drawn I'll send you an online e-gift cert somewhere. :)

Jen said... Thank you for stopping by and telling me about your contest!!! You must certainly will have a spot on my sidebar!!!

The prize is fantastic!!!!! I would love to win!! Can you hear the Squee's coming from my neck of the woods??

I love that you had the six degrees of Kevin Bacon!!! It makes me chuckle because a lot of people I know don't know it!!

So here we go:

+2 old follower
+5 will blog (interview is up today so I'll have to save it for later!)
+2 totally linking, up in 5 minutes!
+5 Who doesn't love Kevin Bacon!

Total entries: 14 points!!

It seems someone took my Gary Coleman one... DARN!

I did two instead to cover my six:

(3)Julia Stiles was in Edmond with Mena Suvari who was in Beauty Shop with Kevin Bacon

(3)Paul Walker was in She's All That with Kevin Pollak who was in a Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon

Angie said...

Thanks so much Jen! Two six degrees Of Kevin Bacon? I'd love to give you an extra point for that, but I feel that would be unfair without having said first. I'm realizing there are a ton of Kevin Bacon movies I haven't seen.

Mika said...

Clémence Poésy was in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with
Toby Jones was in Frost/Nixon (2008)
with Kevin Bacon.


Awesome giveaway.

Sarah Enni said...

Liv Tyler was in LOTR with that creepy elf guy who was that creepy robot guy in the Matrix with Laurence Fishburne who was in Mystic River with KEVIN BACON.

OMG that was really freaking hard!

Jen said...

Brownie points are good enough for me Angie, I just love Kevin Bacon and this is a game my dad and I used to play growing up... naturally I'm good at it :)



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