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Monday, September 27, 2010

Contest quickies

No, i don't spend ALL my time looking for contests - just like 10-15 minutes or so, and really I just want to remind you of MY Banned books week contest going on right now - click picture to the right. Not a whole lot of entries so far, so you know....

Anyway, here are some other contests you should check out.

Sparkling Reviews is having a Box of Books giveaway!! where she(?) is promising the winner a box of books, guaranteed to include at least 5 books. Oooo, I wanna win this one! This one sounds awesome.

Sarah Enni is giving away a signed copy of Mockingjay. This one is easy to enter and even though I already have the book, I'd LOVE to have a signed copy.

La Femme readers always has some good giveaways going on.

Cheyenne has been having some fun contests - up for grabs now The Duff and The Sky is Everywhere. She's super cool.

Finally Story Siren has a long list of contests you can enter!


Bee said...

Oh, so cool. Thanks for the links :)



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