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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rock Kitty has a message

Rock kitty

Rock Kitty here with a message from Angie. She says that while some of you didn't make the cut-off she loves blogging too much to actually blow up her computer.

*noise in the background*

She also says that she never intended to do so anyway, it was just her way of being sneaky.

*Speak a little louder, I can't hear you. No, I won't take off the headphones. Oh, REALLY, hey that's pretty cool!*

She just told me that she was trying to find out what book a particular friend of hers would like to have. She says that this friend has been a constant source of support both in her writing and personal life in the past six months and she just wanted to say thanks.

*Who's the friend? Mellymel? Aw, she's one terrific gal!*

Hey Mel, Angie wants you to know that you should be looking for a package in the mail on Tuesday.

*Ok, now you're busting up my reception, are you almost done?*

She wants Mel to know that her comment was a little confusing, but she finally decided on Katherine Cash's Fire.

*give me back my headphones! I did say Cashore! No, music is good for kitty ears!*

*big bangs in the background*


*hiss, hiss, Reewoww*

*evil kitty chuckle*

*Serves you right. Never mess with Rock Kitty's headphones. What's that? Oh, fine. One last message.*

Angie says this flash quiz was pretty fun, and she wishes she could give all of you surprises like this, but she's just not that rich. But she does want you to know, YOU ROCK!!!



Melanie said...

OMG...Did you know it's possible to cry and laugh at the same time??? I LOVE YOU ANGIE!!! On top of the exciting news I just emailed you, i come on and read this!?!

Seriously, you have been equally an amazing support in both my writing and my personal life and I am so grateful that I joined AW and that you commented on my chapter in SYW and that you agreed to be my BETA reader when I very untraditionally and inappropriately with big cajones pm'd you and asked you if you'd bee wilingl to do it. two favorite writing buddies are sending me books. I'm having such a damn good week!!! I'm totally verklempt I tell you. YOU ROCK ANGIE!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. (oh, and you know I'll get you back, right? muwahahahaha)

Nomes said...

very cool.

i thought you were after book rec's. so, you know, very sneaky, and i approve.

and yay for mel who really is the best.


Angie said...

Rock Kitty warns Mel to stop kissing him - he's a Persian and if he gets furballs, you can imagine what Mel's going to be coughing up by the end of day.


Melanie said...

I heart you guys! Seriously, I do. (Eyes well and threaten to...damn. They fell.

*cough, cough, cough* WTF is that? Eeewww...Gross! Kitty hair. Gagorama.


Angie said...

Nomes - I'm always after book recs. I have The Duff on my list, and I'm going back and forth on Paranormalcy. The last time i read something that mixed all those paranormal elements I was really kind of turned off and it sounds an awful lot like Buffy. I just fear that I'll buy it and then be disappointed. Maybe I'll wait to get it from the library.



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