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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Covers - do you get sold on them?

While browsing online through the top YA sellers, I came across the new cover for Becca Fitzpatrick's second installment in the Hush Hush series. I love it. Not nearly as amazing as the Hush, Hush cover, but dang that girl got lucky in the art department. Now I have to say that I, as many people were, became sold on the cover of Hush Hush. I also have a fallen angel story tucked in the my trunk so, you know the intrigue was there and all. But it was really that cover that did it in for me. Unfortunately the book itself wasn't all that good; I gave it a 3 on my rating scale. And yet, here I find myself wanting that copy of Crescendo to stick next to Hush Hush on my bookshelf. How crazy is that? I'm wondering, am I alone? Do you ever buy books based solely on the covers?

Here are some more interesting covers that I came across. Notice anything, er, similar here? I have both Dreaming of Amelia and The Sky Always Hears Me, so when I saw this, I nearly started laughing. Now I've heard of two books having nearly the same cover, but three? And all pubbed recently in YA? In fact looking at the model for Amelia and the Mermaid, I'm tempted to say that's the same model.

All of this has me thinking of what kind of cover I want for my book, when the day comes - hey I can dream, right? I think I'd like something with a showy ladyslipper on it, to go with the Minnesota theme. Maybe a lake in the distance with a boat or a dock with Nikki sitting on the end. I've thought about going with a close up of either Nikki or Sam or both, but I really don't like putting specific faces to my characters. General characteristics are ok, but I'd rather leave some things to the reader's imagination. Of course, authors usually have little say in what their covers will look like, but maybe they'll like some of my ideas. What do you think, dear readers? Have you imagined what your book cover would look like?

Have a nice holiday weekend, and for any new followers, if you haven't signed up for the contest, please do so. There's only one week left to get your entries in.

And a few new contests:

1. Kara Mustafa is giving away some super cool books in celebration of having 100 + followers.
2. A new blog that I just visited, Punk Writer Kid by Emilia Plater, a new YA author is giving away many fabulous prizes - too many to list, but they all sound awesome, and her blog looks super cool. Deadline Sept 9.


Nomes said...

i get sold on covers - i love all three of those backs of heads ones for some reasons.

one book I want to read just based on the cover alone is Every Little Thing About You. I dont know what it is about that cover but it just makes me feel good.

i think the crescendo cover looks awesome and was also sucked in by the hush hush cover - not even my genre i like reading in but as soon as the library got it in i snatched it up :)

not sure what cover i would want for my WIP?

also, am reading a YA right now with the lamest of covers - very boring and looks like adult literary or something. he books good though but would not have looked twice at it if it wasnt recommended to me.

Bee said...

I'm a cover junkie. Bad covers so turn me off.

I LOVE the Crescendo cover! Hush Hush had a lot of issue with it, and right now I'm totally over the human-girl-meets-nohuman-boy paranormal, but I can't help it, I might be one of the first people to head out to buy Crescendo, based on the cover alone.

Lame book covers are such a turn-off. Like Nomes, I wouldn't take something like that off the shelf for a second look if it wasn't highly recommended to me.

Angie said...

Nomes - I do love all three of the ones with the girl's head - it was just so funny though to come across so many with that cover and all so recently. I looked at the one you suggested, and yeah, that looks like a good one too.

Bee - Now you have me hoping that I get a super cool cover when the day comes because my story is totally of that type!! But I don't think I'll ever get over falling in love with paranormal guys. It's in my blood or something.

Jen said...

I'm sold on covers all the time, in fact the last shipment that came to my house was all based on book covers!!!! I like the one's that pop out to impress me!

A lot of it is based on mood as well, with my favorite months arriving I'm in a happy, happy mood, there for pinks, cupcakes, smiles they all sold me if they were on covers. Wait until winter arrives, dark covers will be more appealing to me!

Hmm makes me wonder... do you have season covers and didn't even know it? I feel a blog idea coming on!

Joann Swanson said...

I buy almost all e-books now, but I am still sold on covers! When I search Amazon it's the first thing you see and it's so important. I have big, big dreams for my own cover (if it ever sells), though I understand authors don't have much say in the matter.

Melanie said...

Not yet. No. I think because I'm so far behind on my reading, all my choices right now come solely from recommendations. I hope one day to start picking books by a cover because that will mean I'm caught up on all the YA books, but alas, I am not so...



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