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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vacation is over which means we have some winners!!

Yep, it's been three weeks since I set down Nikki's Wish, had it out to betas and just took a general break from writing. In that time, I read 7 books, did 2 beta reads and tried to work on my query (it's getting better). I also did about 5 pages of my synopsis which I'm pretty sure will have to all be deleted, but that's the way that goes and I wasn't expecting any better. I have more revisions to do over the next six weeks, but I can feel myself finally starting to wind down. Most everything will remain the same from here on out - no more serious plot changes which means I'm basically back to tightening and getting that word count down. I also plan to finally make my list of agents, and soon, I promise you'll be seeing that query letter on SYW. I'm anxious to get started, or finished that is, because I have the plot for my second book all lined up and I'm uber-excited about it.

Anyway, I know that you don't care about me so much as who won the contest. Every entry was given a number (so if you had 15 entries then you had 15 numbers assigned to you, etc) and then entered into you go:

Congratulations Jennie and Nomes!! Remember first prize was your choice of any book from the book depository and a 50 page LBL crit. Second prize was your choice of any book from the book depository. So, I'll be contacting both of you shortly to get addresses and such.

Thanks to everyone for entering the contest. Hope you all had a good weekend. Now, I'm off to get some coffee and start on those revisions. Toodles!


Melanie said...

Congrats to Jennie and Nomes! (walks away with head down, hands in pocket, kicking at the pebbles in front of me). Just kidding. Really happy for you guys! Good contest Angie. Now I have to remove the side bar which means everything won't be symmetrical so I have to go adjust my blog now :-)

Bee said...

Congrats Jennie and Nomes.

Great going with Nikki's Wish. Writing breaks are so needed. They help you look at everything with a critical eye and funny thing, sometimes rotten things end up fitting like a gem :)
G'luck with the query!

KO said...


Jennie Bailey said...

YAY!!! Thank you so much! You have made my night! Jumping up and down - a book AND a critique! You can't beat that. :-)

And congratulations to Nomes as well.

Jen said...

Congrats to the winners! Though I'm extremely jealous I had a ton of fun with your contest!!!

Angie said...

Thanks Jen! It was fun to do. :)



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