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Monday, August 30, 2010

Mondays, Mockingjays and Microscopes

So, this week I got stranded in Nebraska with a local grocery store check out girl while she drooled over her boss with the bodacious tooshy. Then I got transported through a time machine to a medieval world where princes are hot and their soul mates/wizarding students are more confused than I am about love. Next I encountered a very funny, special girl with Asperger's syndrome whose first love  made my heart literally stutter he was so damn sweet. On Friday, I got washed aboard a New England coastline where the wakeboarding is totally rad and girls are even radder. Finally on Sunday, I ended up in Pandem crossing my fingers that Katniss catches a break somewhere between running from lizard-mutts and molten black goo. As Erin Brokovich would say, I'm really quite tired!! Ok, I admit, I did most of that while sitting on my deck watching the kids play in the blow up swimming pool, but I bet for at least a second there I had you going.

Anyway, it's Monday which means back to work, back to reality and back to taking funky science pictures!! This is one that I shot recently on the giant, confusing, microscope from hell - that cost a million dollars (the microscope, not the picture) and still doesn't tell me what I need to know. Sometimes technology makes me do big headslams against my desk. Although the picture below is actually quite pretty. Can you guess what it is??

I have to say that I'm kind of on WIP withdrawal right now. I want desperately to look at NW even though I've told myself I wouldn't. I know the remedy is to probably get my arse moving on that query letter and synopsis, but it is so daunting to even think about that. Words of inspiration - or even just some butt kicking, please my dear friends?

I'll be back tomorrow with a review of one those adventures (ahem, books) that I mentioned at the top of this post. But seriously, take a guess on my science picture. If anyone gets it right (or in the ball park), I'll give you a bonus entry for my contest!! And if you haven't entered yet, clicky here. 

Ciao, babes!


F.I.C said...

Sounds like someone has been having a fun time.
I have no idea what that picture is apart from pretty cool looking. Though I have now spotted what looks like a pair of eyes hidden in it which makes it look a tad creepy.

Joann Swanson said...

What a wonderful adventure you've been on! Can't wait to read your review of Mockingjay if you choose to do one. Collins had no trouble sticking poor Katniss in a tree and throwing rocks at her in this one. Loved it.

Your picture is really cool, but I have no idea what it is. My first thought: looks puzzle pieces. I'll take a guess: DNA of Dolly, the cloned sheep? Hehehehe. :)

Nomes said...

haha. love this post. sounds like a great week.

you read harmonic feedback right? I've been meaning to read that one :) let me know what you thought. I'm hanging out for the paperback...

my son Reuben has aspergers. he's such a funny little guy and very crazy-smart. he always stuns us with the stuff he says. also, can make me cringe, haha. he has autistic mannerisms that make me worry about him, but he's pretty good at school - they come out more at home when he is hyped up or something.

sorry for the off topic there...

sooo, i would have no idea what that sample is. it also intimidates me that you do know what it is. LOL.

Angie said...

Thanks for the commenty love guys. I'll reveal what it is tomorrow.

Melanie said...

I will read your full post later, but I wanted to guess on the science pic. YOu should do this weekly. It's fun!

My guess: a sponge???



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